Le CiNéMa Club

Each film will be showing for one week only, and for free on www.lecinemaclub.com

DALI’S FANTASTIC DREAM, 6 min. Showing from Sun, July 16th to Sat, July 22nd.
(A rarely seen six-minute film following Salvador Dalì in New York as he creates a portrait of the actress Raquel Welch, in a bikini. We accompany the artist to his room at the St. Regis Hotel, where we witness his exuberant creative process. )

MEET MARLON BRANDO, 29 min. Showing from Sun, July 23rd to Sat, July 29th.
( A close-up of the personality of Marlon Brando. The Maysles follow Brando as he is interviewed about his most recent film Morituri by many television journalists. The actor is witty and playful as he answers, and often objects to, the questions — when he isn’t charming some of the pretty journalists.)

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